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Recruit North have always been committed to high standards, professionalism and integrity. Today we have joined the Guild of Quality Employment Agencies who’s code of conduct perfectly reflects our values.

Legal responsibilities

Guild members agree to ensure appropriate laws governing the provision of staffing services in their industry are followed including all statutory responsibilities set out in sector specific rules and governance.

Inclusion, diversity and respect

Guild members agree to respect individuals without discrimination providing equal opportunities and following non-restrictive practices, respecting choices and individuals identity.

Transparency and honesty

Guild members agree to operate in a transparent and honest manner, adopting a duty of candor that provides assurances by sharing of information and adopting a policy of openness..


Guild members agree to represent their sector and profession through correct and proper practice, developing competency and knowledge to continuously improve standards, knowledge and service delivery.

Consent, data protection and confidentiality

Guild members agree to have appropriate policies and protections in place to maintain the safety and security of personal data as well as respecting and securing commercially sensitive information.


Guild members agree to ensure all appropriate checks for compliance around recruitment and suitability of candidates are carried out in line with statutory and sector specific requirements or guidelines.

Complaints and concerns

Guild members agree to have robust complaints policies and procedures in place focused on speed and accuracy of response with a commitment to learning from and sharing of outcomes where appropriate and possible.

Partnership working

Guild members agree to the importance of sharing information with legislative bodies, sector specific authorities and external agencies where legally appropriate and necessary.