Recruitment Process

How we find and attract the right talent for your business


Initial telephone call or meeting

We find out more about your business, your culture, and your expectations. We discuss exactly what it is you are looking for in your next employee and help you to identify why they should choose to work for you rather than join one of your competitors.

Job and person specification

A tailored job description and person specification is compiled (if you do not have a written job spec, we can help put one together) which allows us to determine our sourcing strategy.

Database search, job board advertising and social media

We will conduct a search of our database and contact all suitable candidates. In addition, we will advertise the position on over 30 job boards, across social media and on our own high performing website. Job advertising costs are borne by us, not you.

We interview the candidates

Once suitable candidates have been identified we contact them to promote your brand and the job opportunity. They will then be invited to attend an interview with us which will be held by telephone, face to face or via video link.

Shortlist presented to you

After sourcing and initial interviews have taken place, a shortlist of suitable candidates will be presented to you, together with their CVs.

You interview the candidates

Your opportunity to meet your shortlisted candidates. We take care of all the arrangements from confirming dates and times to preparing the candidates for the interview.

Negotiate the job offer

We can manage the offer and all salary negotiations and start dates ensuring smooth acceptance of the position. Also, we take care of delivering the bad news to those candidates who were not successful.

Manage counter offers

Counteroffers can occur – we manage this process and ensure your offer is watertight. We will remind the candidate of the reasons they were looking to change jobs in the first place and work through everything with them. Resigning can be quite a traumatic experience for many people and we do everything we can to support them through the process.

Start date

Your role is filled! We will have kept in touch with the candidate regularly until they start to ensure they are happy and have no concerns. On the start date, we will call to check they have arrived safely and that all is well. Only then will you be charged for our services.

After care

We will keep in touch, with all parties, during the first few months just to make sure everything is going well.

How can we help you?

When you are looking for recruitment agencies in Cumbria or Lancashire, please get in touch. You can call us: 01946 448765 (Cumbria) or 01772 846320 (Lancashire) alternatively send us a message and we’ll get straight back to you.