People don’t leave companies, they leave leaders!

Mostly, people don’t change jobs solely for money (although with the current cost of living crisis, that might change!). They almost never resign on a whim or in a fit of anger. Instead, they joined your company because they believed it was right for them and wanted it to be right.

Something, at some point, makes it wrong. And if you really take the time to dig into their real reasons for leaving — and you should — you will find that it’s not “the company” they blame. It’s not the location, or the team, or the database or the air-conditioning. It’s the leadership!

So, next time you get a resignation, resist the temptation to laugh it off as “another dumbo who doesn’t get us.” It’s not the departing employee who doesn’t “get it.” It’s not the company they are leaving; it’s the leadership.

Source: Greg Savage, People Don’t Leave Companies — They Leave Leaders!

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